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TM0180, TM0105 Proximity Probe 8mm, 5mm Transducer Systems


Proximity probe transducers are used to measure the static and dynamic distance between the target and the probe. The TM series proximity probe systems are designed to meet API 670 standards. Each system consists of a probe, extension cable, and a driver.

Product detail:

Components of proximity probe transducers


The TM0180 (8mm) and the TM0105 (5mm) probes are designed for long life cycles and are suitable for harsh environments.

The TM0180 probe and extension cable are equipped with a standard protective rubber boot, which covers the connectors and prevents oil and dirt penetration.

The TM0180 and TM0105 series probes come in 0.5m and 1.0m cable lengths, as well as, special lengths of 5.0m and 9.0m with an integrated probe and extension cable design.

The probe may be selected in English or metric units, as well as, reverse mounting options. Reverse mount probes are used with TM0393 probe housings for hazardous areas.

Extension Cable

Extension cable design results in better system performance and a longer life cycle.


One may select various extension cable lengths based on the probe cable length. The total length of the probe and the extension cable need to be 5m or 9m in total length.


The connector on the extension cable is also an API 670 standard, allowing compatibility with other manufacturers’ proximity probe systems.



The TM0182 driver is used for the TM0180 and TM0105 proximity probe systems. The circuit isolation from ground is a standard feature for all drivers. The total length of cable between the probe and the driver should be 5m or 9m. The distance between the driver and the vibration monitor can be up to 300m (1,000 ft). The three conductor shielded cables from the probe driver should be used to connect to a vibration monitor, such as, PT2060 monitor.


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